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Economy - The careful management of available resources

If the definition of economy is the careful management of available resources, then why is a valuable asset such as the airport being shut down.


When an aircraft from another airport lands at the airport, and the pilot purchases fuel, he or she provides sales and road taxes. They may also rent a car, use a hotel room or simply eat a meal, which contributes to the local economy. Aircraft based at Reid Hillview pay personal property tax and possessory interest tax, which are generated at the airport but contribute to the general fund. These taxes are divided by the city of San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the local schools within the community. 

N173DC one of the many aircraft based at the Reid Hillview Airport is landing on runway 31L 

Fixed Base Operators such as Trade Winds Aviation, AeroDynamic Aviation, Squadron 2, and Nice Air all contribute to the global shortage of pilots in the world today. The Reid Hillview Airport alone provides many pilots to the airlines every year. 

One of Trade Wind Aviation's Aircraft taking off on runway 31L


The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) provides grants to public agencies — and, in some cases, to private owners and entities — for the planning and development of public-use airports that are included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). ~ FAA


Reid Hillview Airport in the evening when the airport lights are switched on to give pilots a better visual of the airport at night.

The Airport Improvement Program is a program created by the FAA to give airports like the Reid Hillview Airport the ability to better their safety to the surrounding community and the airport themselves. If used for Reid Hillview it would allow the airport to better its parking spaces, runways, lights, noise program, and many others that benefit the public's safety. Santa Clara County is currently holding these AIP grants from the FAA there for little has been done to maintain the airport such as ordering new runway and taxi edge lights.


With a current pilot shortage in the world right now airlines are desperate for pilots. Though there are pilots military provides to these airlines, they don't produce as many pilots as they used to. The decrease in the number of pilots produced by the military results in general aviation taking on a bigger role than they have ever before. Aviation moves the world, and if the world comes to a standstill we can be seeing an increase in prices, shipping times, and travel times. Without these General Aviation airports, the airline industry will not be able to service routes across the world leading to a global economic shutdown.


Southwest Airline's Boeing 737 Max 8 parked at the gate in San Jose International Airport patiently awaiting its next crew and passengers to fly


Many might not know that the airport itself had a cafe at one point.  A cafe that welcomed anyone from the community around East San Jose to feast on a meal and watch as planes flew by. Businesses like cafes are valuable to the community and the economy as they provide a common space for both pilots and the general public to interact with each other as well as supporting the airport and its community around them. With proper funding, the area above the terminal could be restored to be an observation area or a small cafe.

The space above the terminal used to be a cafe that closed down due to the restrictive yearly leases by the Santa Clara County

Image by Stephen Picilaidis

Many San Jose City Police officers use the airport terminal as a resting place. Not only is the airport terminal a place to relax and enjoy the view of the airport, but the airport terminal provides many amenities such as microwaves, a refrigerator, and a water fountain to refill water bottles. Furthermore, after talking to an SJPD Officer it allows them a safe space to leave their cars as they take care of simple tasks such as using the bathroom or eating lunch.

A SJPD Police officer parked outside of the terminal.

The Reid Hillview airport has many areas that are rarely used by the airport. This could be better utilized as small hotels can be built to generate revenue for the community and the airport itself. As mentioned before hotel plays a big role in the economy provided by the airport. As more and more people use the airport every day it is apparent that the community could benefit from a small hotel built alongside the airport.

Image by Carl Nenzen Loven

Motels like this can be utilized alongside the airport

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