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Important Links

Below are some links you can follow to gain valuable information about our cause. From detailed infographics to draft letters you can send to your supervisor, this page has so many great resources to help you join the fight. The Save Reid Hillview Website also contains a wealth of great information. Text us in the chat if you have questions!


EAA Chapter 62 at RHV hosts Young Eagles Rally for several months out of the year. At these rallies, kids ages 8-17 have the opportunity to take an introductory flight in a real airplane at no charge! 


The best thing you can do for our cause is make sure that your voice is heard! By sending an e-mail to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors' you'll let our policy-makers know that you want them to keep Reid Hillview an airport!

Business Meeting

Not sure what to say when asked why we should keep Reid Hillview an airport? Here's a great document that has tons of talking points about Reid Hillview's closure, including information on the Lead Study, the value of general aviation airports like RHV, and safety at the airport.

Therapy Session

As of June 2024, we are at 13,631 signatures that support saving Reid Hillview! Click the button above to go to the "Save Reid Hillview" petition to join the literal thousands of people who want to save our airport!

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