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Are you a pilot who flies or has flown out of RHV? We want to hear from you! The "Friends of RHV" is intended for the pilots of Reid Hillview to come together for ideas of community engagement, and promoting the value we all know our airport to have! Sign up here.

What you can help us do?

- Help Make Calls And Introductions To People Who Will Support The Airport

- Help Secure Donations

- Help Distribute Information

- Help Get The Word Out To The Press

- Help Us Grow Our Social Media Presence By Tagging Your Videos And Posts With "#SAVERHV

- Join Us Here On The Website

- Visit The Airport 

         - Talk To The Local Flight Schools

         - Talk To The Local Pilots

         - Talk To The Public

- Join Us On Social Media

- Join Airport Events Such As Flight School BBQs or Gatherings

- Research Something Before Correcting Someone

- Argue With Facts and Logical Opinions

- Share Our Content With Family and Friends

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