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EAA Chapter 62's May Young Eagles Rally

Updated: May 21

Some of the 15 volunteer pilots from Saturday's Young Eagle Rally!

On Saturday May 18th, 2024, Chapter 62 of the Experimental Aircraft Association held its second Young Eagles Rally of the 2024 season! Starting at 9:00 AM, 15 pilots from around the Bay Area volunteered their time, aircraft, and fuel (Yes, some aircraft were using unleaded avgas!) to bring aviation to the children of East San Jose. Over 166 kids, 90 boys and 76 girls, Ages 8-17, had the opportunity of a lifetime: to take a completely free flight in the skies over their homes.

A view of all the families awaiting their turn to take flight!

Some of these kids had an especially extraordinary experience. Beings that these airplanes are typically those used in flight training, they featured two sets of controls: one for the pilot, and another for the instructor. Under the careful eye of our pilots, the kids who sat in the front seat of the airplanes got the opportunity to actually fly the airplane during their flight! One of our pilots even remarked at the extraordinary skill one of the first-time flyers demonstrated.

The pre-briefing, where the Young Eagles learn about the airplane they'll be flying!

Aside from the main event, kids had the opportunity to visit several other booths present at the airport. Chapter 62 and 338 set up a "Talk to a Pilot" booth so participants could learn first-hand knowledge about flying while they waited for their flight. Additionally, there was a Robotics Club booth, and one for the Civil Air Patrol Squadron based at Reid Hillview.

The value of events like this cannot be overstated. Every single child that stepped out of the airplane was so excited. Parents were overjoyed to see their kids taking flight for the very first time, and so incredibly grateful that the pilots were willing to do this for no compensation. Rest assured, however, each pilot walked away with the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in the lives of future generations. They showed them the avenues for success that are available in this industry. Pilots are passionate about aviation, and always so eager to share it with everyone. Airports like Reid Hillview are important hubs that make this possible.

A long line of Young Eagle Flights waiting to takeoff from Reid Hillview Airport!

The continued efforts to close Reid Hillview by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors threatens the continuation of these fantastic events. We urge everyone reading this to continue following our cause. Explore our website and follow us on social media. The most valuable thing that you can contribute to this effort is you spreading the word, and making our elected officials aware that you want Reid Hillview to continue to operate in perpetuity.

A special "Thank You" to the wonderful volunteers who gave their time to make this event possible. Please enjoy the gallery below, featuring even more pictures from the event. If you have any pictures or experiences you would like to share with us, feel free to use the chat feature on our website, or write to!

The next Young Eagles Rally will be held on Saturday June 15th, starting at 9:00 AM. Details on how to register can be found by clicking the blue button below. However, we currently still have an extensive waitlist of interested parties that will have priority over walk-ins. Any un-registered children will only be able to fly if there is space available. Flights will typically run until 2:00 PM, weather permitting. We hope to see you there!

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