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On behalf of the Friends of Reid Hillview Airport Political Action Committee, both Matt Mahan (candidate for Mayor of San Jose) and Johnny Khamis (candidate for County Supervisor to replace Mike Wasserman) have asked for airport supporters to join them and provide assistance to either walk through neighborhoods placing flyers or help calling or texting voters over the next 5 weeks ahead of the June 7th primary. Typically these efforts take a few hours on a weekend morning, though contacting voters will also be done midweek as the election nears. This form of volunteering is very important to help voters learn about the candidates and to encourage voting in the primary, where turnout is usually very low. While the candidates also welcome additional campaign contributions, the most critical need over the next month is for volunteers to give their time. If Cindy Chavez becomes Mayor, and an airport opponent replaces Mike Wasserman as Supervisor, the prospects of preserving Reid Hillview Airport are significantly diminished. Please get involved and offer some assistance!

1. To assist Matt Mahan in his race for Mayor, contact info is: or or call (408) 891-9708

2. To assist Johnny Khamis in his race for Supervisor, contact info is: or or 408-472-9642

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